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Elissa is originally from Northern New Jersey and went to Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Upon graduating from Hampshire, Elissa studied in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she earned her Master of Oriental Medicine from The International Institute of Chinese Medicine. She started her practice in Fort Collins, Colorado in June of 1995 and after 18 years, returned to New Jersey in January 2013 to start a new practice.

Elissa has studied a variety of modalities including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Herbology, Enzyme Therapy, Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET), BioEnergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy (BioSET), Cold Laser Therapy and Emotion Code Therapy.  It is from her knowledge of the numerous modalities she has studied that has allowed her to tailor her healing approach to be the most effective and efficient way of obtaining her patient's health goals.

Elissa is proud to be a Certified Master BioSET Practitioner and Instructor as well as a Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner.

Outside of the office, Elissa enjoys spending time with her husband, their collective three children as well as their 2 dogs and 5 cats!

Alternative Health Care Practice History

Traditional Chinese Medicine practice specializing in Pediatrics and Gynecology - 1995 – 1999

Certified NAET Practitioner using Kinesiology -1999 – 2000

Certified BioSET Practitioner using Kinesiology and BioFeedback - 2000 – 2009

BioSET Instructor - 2007 – 2008

BioFeedback Practitioner, studying with i2i network -2008 – Present

Certified Emotion Code Therapy Practitioner - 2014 – Present

Certified Master BioSET Practitioner and Instructor. - 2014 - Present 

Certified Body Code Therapy Practitioner - 2017 - Present


Articles Written by Elissa

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