Working with Elissa Can Change Your Life

"Treatment with Elissa has made a difference in my life. I have many allergies to foods and chemicals. It all began 6 years ago and grew increasingly worse with no help in sight. The list of foods I could tolerate grew shorter and I seemed to react after every meal, no matter how many digestive pills I took. I was running 2 air filters in my home to help with the allergies to paint, wood, carpet, etc. Without them I would experience “Brain fog”, sinus breathing problems, laryngitis, nausea, etc. Discovering Elissa’s work has been a true blessing! I’ve now had approximately 20 treatments and no longer need my air filters! I can see a huge reduction in my reactions to chemicals. I now enjoy all foods. Certain ones in moderation. Elissa is a very knowledgeable, caring person who spends as much time with you as needed. She is totally interested in your situation and is a good listener. She cares more about you as a person than in gaining a profit. The whole experience has been the answer to my problems. The setting is welcoming, the receptionist is warm and friendly and their products are superior to anything I’ve tried before. Working with Elissa can change your life – it’s changing mine!" 

Cathy L.  

The Entire Experience is Calming and Therapeutic!

"I had a severe sweating problem since the birth of my last child, 20 years ago! BioFeedback now has me no longer sweating. Elissa does a thorough evaluation and is able to quickly identify the problem areas. She then makes sure the body will tolerate the remedy and if it’s okay to treat. The entire experience is calming and therapeutic!" 

Lynn D.  


"Thanks! You are a great help for my mom. Thank you so much!" 

Chelsea J.  

You Are a Gifted Woman!

"I’m really glad I met you and that we are working together on my health. You are gifted woman!" 


Thank You, Elissa!

"Natalie is getting better!! How can we every thank you, Elissa?" 


Thank You

"Elissa – For all that you do for me, I thank you!" 

Mary B.  

She is Truly a Gift to our Community

"I was searching the country trying to find a practitioner after seeing Dr. Cutler (CA) on T.V. My blessing was to find Elissa right here in Westwood. I am amazed at what BioFeedback has the ability to do in eliminating allergies of all kinds. Elissa’s knowledge and constant searching for more knowledge has given me the gift of allergy relief. She is truly a gift to our community in healing. I even looked forward to the treatments because I knew Elissa could help me (without shots and medication)! Thank you, Elissa, you were a God send in helping me to conquer allergic reactions." 

Debbie H.  

I Am So Pleased With My Results

"I have suffered from food allergies all my life. My only relief was allergy medicine which either made me drowsy or gave me a buzz. I was pleased with both the results and the “staying” power of my BioFeedback treatments. With the combination of BioFeedback treatments and enzymes, I have remained symptoms free for almost 9 months. I had previously experienced some success with NAET treatments, however, the treatments didn’t last and I had to continuously return for more treatments. Elissa is a very accomplished professional in her area of expertise and I am so pleased with my results, I am sending my husband to Elissa. I want him to enjoy the same allergy free quality of life I have enjoyed since working with Elissa." 


Thank You

"Guess what? I played soccer about 20 more feet than I am use to! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 

I.P. (a child who suffered from asthma)  

Kindness and Care

"Elissa – Thank you so much for the wonderful treatments and your continued kindness and care!!" 


Effective Treatment for Allergies

"I think Elissa’s BioFeedback program is a wonderfully effective treatment for allergies. Elissa is great to work with – very professional and proficient, while at the same time kind and compassionate. My experience with her treatments has been very positive." 


You are Truly a Gifted Healer

"Elissa – you are truly a gifted healer. Thank you for all the care you have given to my healing. Your presence has enhanced my life. Sincerely and with gratitude," 

Linda G.  

It was an Absolute Miracle.

"I was on 22 asthma related medications and 4 different inhalers every day. Most of my asthma was due to allergies. I heard about Elissa’s treatments from a fellow CSU student. I didn’t know if Elissa could help me, but I did know that my meds weren’t. So, with very little faith I saw Elissa. It was an absolute miracle. She eliminated my allergies one by one. When one was eliminated I’d go “test” it to see if it worked. For example, I was allergic to eggs. The day after my treatment I craved eggs so much that I ate 6 and had no reaction. Every allergy she’s treated for me has worked! In a period of about 2 years I slowly (with my doctor’s approval) quit taking every medication and inhaler. I’ve been off of asthma meds for a few years now and am enjoying being able to freely breathe. Periodically, I’ll visit Elissa when a new allergy arises and she treats me. Elissa’s methods are very effective. I have recommended Elissa to many people. If you are even curious I highly suggest you make an appointment. You’ll be impressed and your quality of living will improve." 

Christina Z.  

I Feel Like a New Person

"Elissa – I would like to sincerely thank you for your kindness, dedication and support during my treatments with you. I feel like a new person all due to your helpful “magic”. Thanks again!" 

Nicole G.  

You Have My Eternal Gratitude

"Elissa – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your caring and generosity. You have expanded my life possibilities. You have my eternal gratitude!" 


I Highly Recommend BioFeedback Treatments

"Elissa, with her BioFeedback program, provided one of the greatest miracles in my health-story. Before I discovered Elissa I had been suffering from numerous health problems. I ‘happened’ to tune in on a program on T.V. one night about acupuncture clearing up health symptoms related to allergies. Synchronistically, the very next day a friend told me about Elissa’s work. I made an appointment immediately. With Elissa’s treatments through several months all my issues were cleared up, and I have remained clear of the allergies for several years now. Being in Elissa’s treatment room was a very pleasant experience and one I always looked forward to. I miss our regular monthly sessions, but I have no reason to return, now that my health is in great shape again. I highly recommend BioFeedback treatments, especially as administered by the gifted, intuitive Elissa." 

Judy .P  

Bless You Again for Your Excellent Care

"Elissa – Bless you again for your excellent care when I was so sick. I am ever grateful and could not have recovered so well without you." 


His Skin Looks and Feels Great

"My son is 15 years old and from the time he was 1 or 2 years old until now we had tried several creams, steroid treatments and pills to control his eczema skin allergy. We decided it would be worth a try to see if something new would work. After a few sessions with Elissa we had an understanding of what triggered his allergies and better yet a solution for how to treat those allergies by taking enzymes. My son can now wear shorts with confidence and his skin looks and feels great. Thanks, Elissa!!" 

Sally W.  

BioFeedback and Enzymes Make Sense to Me

"BioFeedback treatments, using digestive enzymes and working with Elissa have freed me from using all prescription medications for seasonal allergies and food sensitivities. The reasonable costs of BioFeedback and enzymes make sense to me. Before I was paying far more money for expensive allergy drugs that never seemed to work! I always appreciate that Elissa doesn’t force a “treatment plan” and allows me, the patient, to determine and intuit when the next appointment will be needed. Best of all, Elissa’s work allowed me to have 2 medication free and allergy free pregnancies! Why cover up the problem of allergies with medication when there is a cure?" 

Kori W.  

Elissa’s BioFeedback Program Has Given Me Freedom

"It’s all about Freedom. Elissa’s BioFeedback program has given me Freedom. Freedom to walk out my front door, without sneezing, hacking, coughing, itching, eyes running during allergy season (spring, summer, fall, early winter). Freedom to enjoy a meal at almost any restaurant or eat at friends, without concern as to how the ingredients are going to react with my sensitive system. I enjoy the Freedom to go hiking, without worry that I’ll get caught in a swarm of mosquitoes and be stung and collapse or the sting of a bumblebee will put me into anaphylactic shock. I have also discovered the importance of digestive enzymes, suggested by Elissa, in my life and how easily my digestive system now operates. This all didn’t happen overnight, and yet, the times when allergies were a constant part of my life, decision making, travel considerations, activity restrictions were always my first concern in the decision to walk out my front door, has quickly faded into a mere memory of life as it used to be. Thanks to Elissa’s continuing mission to provide state of the art BioFeedback healing, for me it is all about new found Freedom." 


Intrigued with the Detailed Accuracy of Treatment

"Working with Elissa has helped me to recognize my own unique symptoms of a compromised immune system. This awareness allows me to address my body’s needs before getting sick or worn down. I’ve enjoyed learning what’s aggravating my body and have been intrigued with the detailed accuracy of treatment achieved through the BioFeedback system." 


Within a Month I was Feeling Better

"I have suffered from food and air born allergies for years. Trying many different modalities to try to relieve them. In Spring ’06 I was miserable. When asking in prayer for help a dream came to me that acupuncture would help at this time. So, I looked in Healing Path Magazine to find Elissa’s name. The treatments were very different than I had expected. Within a month I was feeling better having most of the toxins released from my system. It has been amazing to me that this process seems to be a permanent help not just a temporary fix. It has been a year and a half and though there are times when allergies still annoy me I am healthy and well." 

M. White  

I Feel Confident I’ll Improve More with Each Visit.

"Elissa – I wanted to tell you how much better I feel after your treatments. It’s so nice to wake up in the mornings and not feel awful. I haven’t had a headache since I left Westwood. I know I have a long ways to go yet with my allergies but I feel confident I’ll improve more with each visit." 


After The First Treatment, I Began to Feel Like a New Person

"Elissa has treated me for various food allergies without scratch tests, shots or medication. She was very thorough and knowledgeable in her evaluation and treatment. I like this method of allergy treatment because it is so un-invasive. After the first treatment, I began to feel like a new person. The enzyme products are wonderful and a great, healthy addition to my diet. Thank you, Elissa!!!" 

Pattie S.  

I Highly Recommend Elissa to Anyone!

"I heard about BioFeedback from a friend who utilized it to relieve Lupus symptoms. I looked up information locally and found Elissa and decided to try it for allergies. Elissa put me at ease quickly and her techniques had a very positive healing effect on my allergies that have sustained! I highly recommend Elissa to anyone!" 

P.J.Thurman, Ph,D.  

Wholesome, High Quality Care.

"Elissa had provided me with wholesome, high quality care. Her guidance has allowed me to grow into a stronger, better person. For that, I will always be grateful." 


It was as if My Symptoms Magically Disappeared

"I was having swelling in my finger joints. I went to Elissa a few times. Each time I went, it was as if my symptoms magically disappeared. It only took a few visits to make the swelling go away permanently. Elissa was a pleasure to work with and BioFeedback is a very effective, gentle treatment. I would definitely recommend, Elissa and this form of treatment to others." 


Thank You, Elissa!

"Ongoing problems with eczema and other allergy related issues are what led me to bring my young son, Austin, in for treatments with Elissa several years ago. The difference in Austin's symptoms, especially the eczema, after just one treatment was dramatic. Four of our family members have now been in to work with Elissa and we have all had excellent results. Austin's eczema is still clear and we've been able to take him off his restrictive diet. Thank you, Elissa! (And she is wonderful with children!)" 

Bonnie T.  

Her Treatments Work!

"After seeing Elissa and taking the products she recommended, my allergies and constant congestion went away. No more antihistamines drying me out and feeling exhausted! She has also helped me balance my hormones, minimizing my temperature fluctuations. Hooray! She is competent and thorough and her treatments work! The office is pleasant and calming." 

Laurie G.  

I Can Sleep Comfortably Once Again

"It’s a great feeling to feel normal again. When I was diagnosed with a specific type of arthritis, I was told that it wasn’t possible to feel normal again. Ahead of me was a life of pills and needles that would eventually do more harm than my diagnosis. This was the only option that was presented to me. Now I know that it isn’t. Thanks to you, Elissa, I am able to go on a hike in the mountains. I can walk from the parking lot to my work without feeling pain. I can go walking in a mall without stopping every 500 feet because my legs feel like they’re ready to collapse. I can sleep comfortably once again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." 

Jeff C.  

I Am Elissa's Biggest Fan!

"I suffered for 3 years with chronic eczema. Saw several doctors / allergists/ dermatologists with all of them prescribing medication. NOTHING worked. I was referred to Elissa and it was solved / cured in weeks. I noticed improvements within days. The eczema was debilitating and affected a lot of areas of my life. I didn’t enjoy going outside / working out / yard work / even going to work. Thank you, Elissa! I am Elissa’s biggest fan!" 

Sam C.  

Thank You for the Wisdom, Love, and Support

"Elissa – Thank you for the wisdom, love and support that has brought me back to health. You are a wonderful healer and I am honored to call you a friend as well." 

Marsiea D.  

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